It is important to understand that there is not one “cure all” method for treating APD. Treatment for auditory processing disorders must be highly individualized and be based on the diagnosis made by your Audiologist. Management and treatment for APD will generally focus on three primary areas. Environmental modifications and suggestions to improve access to auditory information. Deficit-specific remediation therapy will enhance auditory processing skills. Provision of compensatory strategies can be designed to teach you or your child how to maximize the use of auditory information. Treatment may also include working with other health care professionals to help you or your child overcome auditory processing difficulties.

The degree to which you or your child’s auditory processing deficits will improve with treatment and therapy cannot be determined in advance. In some cases, children with APD developmentally mature and seem to “outgrow” their disorder over time, while others may exhibit auditory processing issues for the rest of their lives. It must be noted that with appropriate intervention, all children with APD can become more active listeners and be more confident in listening and learning situations.

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