APD Evaluation

The APD test battery consists of tests in the following skill set areas:

  • Peripheral auditory system: assessment of outer, middle and inner ear structures and function
  •  Auditory decoding/discrimination –the ability to discriminate individual speech sounds
  •  Dichotic Listening – binaural integration and separation
  •  Binaural integration – the ability to combine two different messages being presented to both ears simultaneously
  •  Binaural separation –the ability to process an auditory message coming into one ear while ignoring a disparate message being presented to the opposite ear at the same time
  •  Temporal patterning – the ability to recognize the pattern of acoustic signals and how this information is processed in regards to the rhythm and timing of the spoken message
  •  Temporal processing – the ability to process auditory information at a rapid rate
  •  Auditory closure – the ability to “fill in the gaps” when parts of the acoustic signal is missing or degraded
  •  Auditory Figure Ground– the ability to pick out important sounds in a noisy background
  •  Auditory Sequencing – the ability to understand and remember the order of sounds and words
  •  Spatial Processing – the ability to selectively attend to sounds coming from one direction and suppressing sounds coming from other directions. It is the focusing of auditory perception to a location in space.