Once you have scheduled your appointment with Dr. Larkin at Lowcountry Listening Lab, you will be receiving an email that contains a patient registration form, Notice of Privacy Policy and various auditory processing questionnaires. We ask that you complete these important pieces of information and email back to our office before your appointment. Dr. Larkin will schedule a time to discuss and review over the phone before your diagnostic evaluation. Also, we would like for you to send any copies of reports from Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Vision Therapists, Reading Specialists along with teacher’s comments, IEP or Sections 504 Plans, etc… All of this information will be used along with results from the APD evaluation in making appropriate recommendations for you or your child. It is very important that your ears be free of earwax. Please have your ears or your child’s ears be medically examined BEFORE the appointment to determine if there is the presence of earwax and if so, to have the wax removed. If there is excessive earwax, audiological testing cannot be administered.

A comprehensive Auditory Processing Disorder evaluation takes approximately two hours. You or your child will be given breaks between tests as needed. Dr. Larkin advises you to bring healthy snacks for your child to help sustain good energy levels for focus and attention. For persons who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, please be sure medication has been taken prior to APD testing. A one-hour counseling session will be scheduled approximately one to two weeks later to review test results and recommendations. There will also be a detailed, extensive written report with individualized, deficit-specific recommendations for treatment, helpful teaching strategies, and guidelines for academic, environmental and work accommodations.