Auditory Processing Testing can be performed on individuals as young as five years of age. The battery of tests administered will be tailored to the developmental needs of the person and usually allows for a full comprehensive APD battery to be given by the age of eight years.

The following is considered the usual criteria for candidacy:

  • Normal or near normal hearing – most APD tests are based on the assumption that the individual has normal hearing thresholds. (pass a basic hearing screening or test done at school or a physician’s office) There are a few APD tests that can be given to someone with a mild hearing loss.
  • Speech articulation understandable – It is important for Dr. Larkin to be able to understand the speech of the individual undergoing APD evaluation. Minor speech articulations or disfluencies are acceptable.
  • Cognitive functioning in the normal range – APD tests are normed on persons with normal intelligence. Dr. Larkin will consider cases where IQ is below the normal range on an as needed basis. She has evaluated many individuals on the autism spectrum successfully.
  • Adequate Attention skills – Individuals who are evaluated for an auditory processing disorder must have the capability of sitting and listening attentively without becoming overly distracted. Breaks can be taken every so often if restlessness and inattention occur during the evaluation process. If you or your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, it will be important to take your medication the day of the testing.